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Hacked: NFL Twitter account announces Goodell's death

As hacks go this one is pretty funny.

I admit the fake Tweet got me. I saw it and sent out an email to the staff immediately but the hack was announced within minutes of the fake Tweet.

NFL's Twitter account hacked, said commish Roger Goodell died - Jun. 7, 2016

The league's Twitter account was hacked on Tuesday with a message saying, "We regret to inform our fans that our commissioner, Roger Goodell, has passed away. He was 57."

We certainly can't lose Goodell now of all times. We need him to find his flogging of Tom Brady first. Once he's done there though he can pass all he wants.

So that got me thinking...if I hacked @NFL's Twitter account what might I erroneously tweet out? My first thought is to troll Panther fans:

"Cam Newton retires to host kid shows full time"


"Michael Oher blinded in freak hit and run. He never saw it coming"

Or I might instead troll our NFC South brethren:

"Sean Payton announces retirement to open pharmacy serving NFL players."


"Jameis Winston to purchase Joe's Crab Shack."

I could also take a shot (pun intended) at the Broncos:

"Aqib Talib shoots self in leg ala Plaxico Burress style"....oh wait, that really happened.

I'll stop here because I know some of you out there can think of much better things to tweet if you hacked the NFL's Twitter account.

So have at it. Please Rec the ones you like best.