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Carolina Panthers Ink Michael Oher to Three Year Contract Extension

After a darn good showing last season, the Panthers feel good enough about Michael Oher to give him a long term deal to protect Cam Newton's blind side.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter is reporting this morning that the Panthers have come to terms with Michael Oher on a 3 year contract extension that puts him in a Carolina uniform until 2019.

Oher had a great bounce back season last year after being acquired as a free agent from the Tennessee Titans, only allowing 4 sacks on the year. He had a rough time in the Super Bowl, partially due to the talent on the Broncos line and partially due to some awful field conditions which literally saw him skating like he was on ice.

Michael Oher skating

Considering the average pay for a starting caliber left tackle looking around the league, this is a very team friendly deal, and it will be nice to know that we have bought ourselves some time to find a young prospect in a future draft. After Jordan Gross' retirement, I wasn't so sure we were going to find an answer any time soon, but thankfully we only had to suffer through one year of Byron Bell before finding a legitimate starter in Oher.

Congrats Michael, you have earned it. Keep Pounding.