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Panthers LB Shaq Thompson involved in car crash

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Carolina Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson was involved in a head on collision with former Duke QB Anthony Boone this morning.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple sources tweeted today that Shaq Thompson was involved in a head on collision this morning that ended up sending former Duke QB Anthony Boone to the hospital. Bill Voth at Black and Blue Review had a few more details.

Boone and Thompson, who don't know each other, were driving in the opposite direction on Potter Road when Thompson crossed the center line. Both drivers tried to swerve, but their cars collided head on.

Apparently Shaq Thompson is fine, however he'll have to pay a fine for crossing the center line. The police also ruled out alcohol as a factor, saying he was below the legal limit. Boone is facing what BBR called "serious, but not life threatening" injuries.

While it's obviously never good for anybody to be injured in a car accident, this could have gone much worse for Shaq. He could have been injured or Boone hurt worse, or worse yet he could have been looked at for DUI, it sounds like Shaq was probably driving home after a night out. Good thing he was responsible and didn't driving last night.

It's good to hear that nothing too bad happened, we should wise Boone well. But seriously, what is with these crazy car accidents for the Panthers' young stars?