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2016 Carolina Panthers Free Agency: Team rescinds franchise tag for CB Josh Norman

The star cornerback is now an unrestricted free agent.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure what to make of this just yet, but the Panthers have announced that Josh Norman is now an unrestricted free agent after the team rescinded the franchise tag placed on him earlier this offseason.

For those who think this is a late April Fool's joke, here's the official news below:

So yeah, apparently Gettleman is tired of waiting around for Norman to come down in his demands for a higher salary than the team is willing to give. I know Gettleman doesn't cave to player demands very often, but this seems like an extreme measure that will certainly backfire if the plan is to coerce Norman into signing a more team-friendly deal. There are plenty of teams in the league with cap space and need for a cornerback of Norman's caliber, so it's very likely that we've seen the last of him in Carolina.

This whole situation is just weird, y'all. Stay tuned as we will share any new information as it becomes available.