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Cam Hating Transcends NFL Football

I firmly believe that win or lose the SB the haters were going to pile on Cam Newton. I just didn't expect to last so long or transcend other sports.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

So apparently everyone going forward that loses a championship is now an example of how Cam Newton should conduct himself after losing the SB. First it was UNC's Marcus Paige in his post game interview with his coach sitting next to him:

Lessons learned from Marcus Paige and UNC

Remember how Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera moaned last month during the NFL owners meetings? He said it was "tremendously unfair" to make players speak to the media after losing the Super Bowl. Well, here's a memo to Rivera, Cam Newton and others who support all of their pouting: According to Isaiah 11:6, "a little child shall lead them," and right next to that Biblical scripture is a picture of Marcus Paige, the smallish point guard for the University of North Carolina basketball team.

Never mind I didn't notice any Villanova fans in the background talking crap about winning, etc...

Now its golf, since we all know losing a Masters is very comparable to losing the SB:

I guess when a hack journalist is struggling for clicks the thing to do is hate on Cam Newton. I tweeted this to Schlereth btw...with this hashtag: #SchlerethApologist.

With the NBA and NHL finals coming up we can expect more of this in the coming months.

I guess by writing this article I'm a Cam apologist, to which I will say this. Did it bother me the way Cam handled his post-game interview? No. I thought it was crap the way it was set up with Broncos being interviewed in the same room.

Do I wish he had done it differently? Yes. But only because that has now become the focus on Newton rather than the remarkable season he had. But like I said had the Panthers won the SB I'm sure Newton would have done something in his post-game winning interview that the Haters would have disliked as well. It's the classic 'you can't win for losing' saying.