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Josh Norman Wants to Get Paid Like a QB

Reportedly Norman not only wants to be the highest paid CB in the league, he wants to be the highest by $2M per season. I'm starting to wonder if Norman actually wants to leave Carolina.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Report: Josh Norman looking for $16M per season

According to the Charlotte Observer, the All-Pro cornerback wants a long-term deal worth $16 million per season.

We've heard this before. Let's see, what former Panther was it that wasn't happy with being the highest paid defender in the league because it 'was only by a little bit'? Oh yeah...Julius Judas Peppers. He left and got a little bit more money but not much. He certainly didn't get the glory and tradition of winning he was supposedly looking for in Chicago and now Green Bay.

I'm not saying Norman's situation is exactly like Peppers but there are similarities as far as money demands. Here's the top 3 CB contracts and order in which they were signed.

Richard Sherman Contract, Salary Cap Details & Breakdowns | Spotrac
CONTRACT:4 yr(s) / $56,000,000 SIGNING BONUS$11,000,000 AVERAGE SALARY$14,000,000 GUARANTEED:$40,000,000 FREE AGENT:2019 / UFA

Patrick Peterson Contract, Salary Cap Details & Breakdowns | Spotrac
CONTRACT:5 yr(s) / $70,050,000 SIGNING BONUS$15,361,885 AVERAGE SALARY$14,010,000 GUARANTEED:$47,368,114 FREE AGENT:2021 / UFA

Darrelle Revis Contract, Salary Cap Details & Breakdowns | Spotrac
CONTRACT:5 yr(s) / $70,121,060 SIGNING BONUS- AVERAGE SALARY$14,024,212 GUARANTEED:$39,000,000 FREE AGENT:2020 / UFA

The top 3 CBs in the league are averaging right at $14M a season and Norman is not far behind at $13.95M with the franchise tender. In fact the top guys have been in a game of one 'upmanship' with their salaries, each topping the previous by only 10k. Norman is not willing to play that game. I mean, Brock Osweiler just got $16M a season why shouldn't he? Seriously it's no wonder they haven't worked out a deal yet.

I'm starting to think Norman doesn't want to stay in Carolina. Like Peppers he is a local product having known only the Carolinas his entire football career. Maybe he wants a bigger pond? He'll never be the biggest fish here with Newton and Kuechly signed long term. Norman would relish in being the big free agent signing somewhere else. He wants the pressure of being the top guy. He wants the chance to prove he is worth $16M (or more per season).

I bet he gets that chance in 2017 because I can't see Gettleman paying more than the market will bear for any one player. At least not for a CB. He might for a QB, LT or a pass rusher...maybe. That's the one draw back to being good at drafting All Pros, having to pay them after their rookie contract expires. It's a nice problem to have though.

So let's enjoy this last season Stormin' Norman!