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Odell Beckham Just Won't Let it Go

He can't stand to see Josh Norman getting national press time. Oh and Happy Easter every bunny!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Of course the NFL Network stirred the proverbial pot by asking Norman about Beckham. Norman didn't hop at it but the 'Starting to Look Very Conceited' OBJ couldn't resist:

Odell Beckham Jr. subtweets Josh Norman, who answers back

The latest chapter in the OBJ-Norman saga was sparked by Norman's reaction on SportsNation on Friday afternoon. Norman was shown a picture of Beckham Jr. and asked to give a one-word response. His choice? "OK." While that's not exactly a dis, it didn't sit too well with OBJ, who promptly took to Twitter:

So what exactly has OBJ done for Josh Norman I wonder? Not ended his career with a cheap shot maybe? Oh Norman is supposed to be thankful that OJB put him on the map since, you know, OBJ is now a legend after two whole seasons (in his own mind anyway). Given the 'LOL' he put at the end maybe he was kidding but probably not.

Later in the program Norman was asked who his top 5 WRs in the NFL are and to no bunny's surprise it did not include OBJ.

Josh Norman: Odell Beckham not a top-five receiver -

Josh Norman's memorable Week 15 matchup with Odell Beckham was so over-the-top intense that it led directly to a new automatic ejection rule for repeated unsportsmanlike conduct.

Wait a the NFL admits the new ejection rule was due to Norman - OBJ but if actually applied in that game would not have changed anything? [smh] But I digress...

Norman's Top 5 WRs in no particular order:

Julio Jones - No surprise here, they have faced each other a bunch

Antonio Brown

Dez Bryant

AJ Green

Lastly, you guessed it, his team mate:

" Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers Benjamin missed the entire season with a torn ACL after an impressive rookie campaign in 2014. "To bring that type of player to our offense is going to do wonders," Norman said. "You're not going to double Greg Olsen anymore. You're not going to double Funchess, you're not going to double Teddy Ginn. ... Because you got a big threat over there, 6-foot-6, that you gotta put two men on. You're not going to put one man on him. I'm telling you, you're not going to do that."

So whether Norman is just being a team player or he really believes it no bunny really knows. I prefer to believe the latter though I'm not sure I would say KB is better than OBJ. Just keepin it real Panther fans. But I do love some Kelvin Benjamin and think he could have hopped to 1,300 yards and 12 TDs if not for that fateful injury in TC.

But I digress yet again...

Odell Beckham just get over're team lost the game to a better team. Josh Norman was well on the scene way before that week 15 game against the Giants. No bunny blames Norman for what happened, that egg you laid all by yourself.