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Here's Why Cam Newton Walked Out of His Post Game Interview

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Well it's a theory anyway and honestly I can't blame him.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If you listen closely you can here Bronco CB Chris Harris essentially mocking Newton in the background during his interview.

I mean he shouldn't have to sit there and listen to that. I hate that he did walk off because of the sure criticism he was going to receive and he did. In fact according to Deion Sanders, Newton as the newly minted NFL MVP shouldn't walk out on an interview, even if he is being mocked  by the opposing team. As if Newton asked to be MVP. The least they could do is give him 30 minutes or so to decompress from the game before sticking him in front of 20+ media types asking him questions that he doesn't want to answer or doesn't have an answer for.

Newton has never been good at interviews after losses, he doesn't take it well. We've known that since day 1. He pisses people off the way he wins and he pisses them off the way he loses. The classic 'you can't win for losing' axiom or something like that.

But he is who he is...he's my quarterback. Talk your junk now because he's coming back next year and he will be even better. If Gettleman can fix the edges of his offensive line then look out.