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2016 Super Bowl picks, predictions: Boudreaux the bear picks the Panthers

This is clearly the most important piece of information you'll learn leading up to the Super Bowl. There are plenty of picks and predictions all week long, but when a bear tells you what's up, you don't mess around. The Dallas Zoo had Boudreaux the bear make a pick for Super Bowl 50, and he selected the Carolina Panthers. The zoo hung two footballs in the air, and it appears put some food in each. Boudreaux was then let out to go pick one of them.

Boudreaux looked at both footballs before reaching up for the Panthers one. He knocked down the Denver Broncos ball as well, but ate the food from the Panthers. Does that mean a close game with the Panthers winning? Or maybe the Panthers will just run roughshod knocking the Broncos aside with reckless abandon to claim what is rightfully theirs? I'm going to go with the latter because it is much more fun to interpret a bear looking for food as a strong omen for the Panthers!