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Super Bowl prop bets 2016: Who will end up with the most rushing yards?

Super Bowl 50 includes a prop bet for which player on the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will end up with the most rushing yards. There are some solid value plays.

2016 Super Bowl prop bets are covering a whole host of random topics this year, ranging from the coin toss to the use of the term dabbing to the length of the National Anthem. However, there are also some very basic football prop bets that are worth a look.

One of those prop bets is who will have the most rushing yards in Super Bowl 50. The available options include Jonathan Stewart, C.J. Anderson, Cam Newton, Ronnie Hillman, and Mike Tolbert. Their odds are as follows:

Jonathan Stewart (CAR): 6/5
C.J. Anderson (DEN): 13/10
Cam Newton (CAR): 5/1
Ronnie Hillman (DEN): 7/1
Mike Tolbert (CAR): 50/1

It is not surprise Stewart and Anderson are the sizable favorites. But why bet on the favorites? The key is to look for value. For Panthers fans, Cam Newton is the value pick (as much fun as it would be to pick Mike Tolbert!). Stewart has led the Panthers in rushing each of their two playoff games, and 11 of their 16 regular season games (he missed three of those games). In the two playoff games, Stewart rushed for 106 and 83 yards, respectively. In those two games, Cam Newton rushed for three and 47 yards, respectively.

For those looking to go with the fun longshot, Mike Tolbert's season high is 59 rushing yards, which came in a Week 17 finale where Stewart sat.