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Grumpy Cat is rooting for the Carolina Panthers

Grumpy Cat

Super Bowl 50 is a couple days away, and the Carolina Panthers have another celebrity fan on their side. Internet famous cat "Grumpy Cat" is officially cheering on the Panthers. She is on the side of the feline-themed team, and in a random twist, if the Panthers win, they would be the first feline-themed team to win the game.

Earlier this week, I got a promotional email from Grumpy Cat's PR people, offering an interview with Grumpy Cat, her owner, and her owner's brother (who first posted the image). I normally bypass a lot of promotional stuff, but how could I pass up a chance to interview a famous Internet meme?

The Panthers mascot, Sir Purr, has actually spent some time with Grumpy Cat as part of the latter's promotion of Friskies. Since becoming a famous Reddit meme, Grumpy Cat has developed quite the following, and has an agent and everything. Friskies flies her around to a variety of events to promote the brand. And plenty of fans follow her around. She is apparently the most people "personality" at SXSW each year, and will be back again this year.

When Carolina does get that victory, I really hope we see a picture of her with Sir Purr and the Lombardi Trophy!