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Super Bowl predictions, picks 2016: Whole lot of Panthers love

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner! Here are picks for the big game from all sorts of media entities.

The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos square off in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, and folks are picking the Panthers in bulk. We looked through a few of the major media sources and the majority see the Panthers winning on Sunday.

The Panthers are a six-point favorite, and it is not surprising that a lot of media folks are picking the Panthers to roll on Sunday. The public has been betting heavily on the Panthers, with as many as 70-to-80 percent of the betting public siding with Carolina. Aside from just the 15-1 record, the thorough beating of the Arizona Cardinals, coupled with the Denver Broncos slim win over the New England Patriots has the public supporting Carolina.

The Panthers do face a tough Broncos defense on Sunday, so they will certainly have to figure out how to handle that group. But if the Panthers offense can get things done on Sunday, their defense could find a lot of opportunities against an inconsistent Broncos defense.

SB Nation: 6 of 8 pick Panthers
ESPN: 6 of 10 pick Panthers
CBS Sports: 5 of 8 pick Panthers
FOX Sports: 6 of 8 pick Panthers