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Snoop Dogg had the best question for Cam Newton at media day

Snoop Dog Has a Request For Cam...

This is the best opening question at a Cam Newton press conference all season. Thanks Snoop Dogg!

Posted by Carolina Panthers on Thursday, February 4, 2016

This is such a cool moment from media day. Cam was almost taken aback that Snoop was there asking questions, and it turns out that Mr. Dogg had one of the best questions of the day -- seriously. I've wondered how Cam would balance the pressure of being a Super Bowl quarterback with staying loose and playing the way he's used to. There have been plenty of quarterbacks who seem to concede to the pressure and wilt under football's brightest lights -- but I have a feeling that won't happen to Cam.

Why? It's simple: He's been preparing for this for too long. From being a National Champion in college, to the No.1 overall pick, to the endless criticism -- there's nothing left that can phase Newton ... and I believe that.

Is it Sunday yet?