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Super Bowl 50 odds: Line likely will not climb above 6 points

The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are a few days away from Super Bowl 50, and the gambling line appears to be settling down. The line opened at 3.5-points, and has climbed as high as six points in recent days. Some sportsbooks monitored by OddsShark have come down to 5.5-points, but has stuck with six points.

I spoke with Bovada Sports Book Manager Kevin Bradley to get his thoughts on the upcoming game. He is involved in the process of setting and adjusting the spread. The line is not based on the idea that the Panthers will beat the Broncos by six points. Rather, it is set based on what will get the most even amount of money bet on the game. If 50 percent of the money is on the Panthers and 50 percent is on the Broncos, then the house is guaranteed to win because of their cut of all wagers.

This year, money is rolling in like crazy on the Panthers. Even though Denver has a strong defense, the betting public has bought into the Panthers in a big way. Here is what Kevin had to say about Super Bowl 50:

"Even though the Panthers are not considered a heavily backed public team during the season, it looks like our bettors believe that even Denver's defense cannot stop them at this point.

"We are still holding the line with the Panthers as 6 point favorites and continue to see constant money for them. It would be hard to justify moving it to 7, but either way it looks like we will need Denver pretty big come Sunday."