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Is Cam Newton Trying to Have it Both Ways?

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Love him or hate him everyone seems to have an opinion on how Cam Newton conducts himself on and off the field.

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The Haters want you to believe that the Cam Newton that didn't jump on the football, the Newton sulking under a hoodie, the Newton that walked out of the press conference, that is the real Cam Newton. The happy Newton is fake, his smile is fake and all the good he does is just an act.

They believe, and want you to as well, that all the dabbing and celebrating is just arrogance. If he did really just love playing football he would be a better sport about losing. Since when is that a rule? So that's what i mean by Newton having it both ways. In order to be a 'good sport' that's allowed to celebrate you also have to smile and be happy when you lose as well. Because it's all about the competition. Except millions of dollars at are stake. Ignore that part though.

We as Panther fans know better.

Now I completely agree with Tater and Newton himself that I don't care what anyone else thinks. He is prone to celebrating the good and getting salty about the bad. Hey, those of us around since the early Steve Smith days know sometimes your super stars are also quirky, to say it nicely. The salty incidents for Newton are few and far between really by comparison.

Yet I think the reason for Newton's saltiness in that press conference really didn't have as much to do with losing, or hearing the Broncos bragging in the background as much as it does with this.

Cam Newton is growing to dislike the media, and that's putting it nicely. He doesn't trust them with detailed answers because he knows they really don't care about that. They just want him to crack so they can then continue to perpetuate the myth they started in the first place.

I also think he is growing weary of the double standard. Actually I'm sure he is and more and more people are starting to see given this newest shiny example. So how did Peyton Manning handle his post-Super Bowl victory? Certainly he was a glowing model for professionalism and a role model for children everywhere right?

Peyton Manning Is a Far Bigger Prick Than Cam Newton - The Daily Beast

While Newton expressed his understandable frustration at the biggest disappointment of his professional career, Manning the Virtuous, who’s never met a product plug he didn’t want to plunge directly into his anus, celebrated his career-capping victory by a) embracing Papa John’s founder John Schnatter, and b) shilling for Budweiser by giddily proclaiming, "I’m going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight, Tracy, I promise you that."

For the record, Manning owns a stake in two Anheuser-Busch distributors in his home state of Louisiana, as well as 21 Papa Johns pizzerias in Colorado. So, during the most ecstatic moment of his career, Manning took it upon himself to plug his businesses. If that weren’t enough, Manning, for whatever reason, chose to blow off his team’s four-hour Super Bowl victory party at the Santa Clara Marriott, featuring a performance by Flo Rida. Cam Newton blew off the media; Peyton Manning blew off his teammates and Flo Rida. But all the criticism post-Super Bowl 50 has been directed at Newton.

Did you hear anything about Peyton blowing off his teammates until now? I didn't. Did any Bronco fans write a FB post about Manning blowing off the SB victory party? What could he possibly have going on more important many would think...if it were Newton instead of Manning. Please follow the link for the quote above because there is plenty more there about Manning that might surprise you.

Yet instead of getting the benefit of a short memory like Manning, Newton gets half-baked criticisms like this:

Former Alabama QB Greg McElroy says Cam Newton 'quit' in Super Bowl -

"I have big issues with the way Cam handled himself, not only on the field but in the post-game as well," McElroy said, via SiriusXM College Sports. "If you're going to act like Superman and call yourself Superman, well, you better be able to answer the tough questions. He wasn't able to do so. I don't have as much of a problem with the post-game press conference as a lot of people do. I think the media at times feels as though they're more important than the game itself.

"What I have issues with is the way he did not jump on the fumble after he dropped the ball. He jumped away from the ball when the ball was on the ground. I have never, not one time in my life, seen a player do that, especially a quarterback."

So he didn't like Newton's post game attitude, I assume the press conference part, not the part where he congratulated Manning on the field. But then he didn't have that much of a problem with it. Until he failed to jump on the fumble, which happened before the press conference obviously. So if he answered the 'tough questions' in the press conference would that have made his lack of a fumble recovery better or worse? I'm confused. But hey, don't sweat the details when a guy is on a rant right? McElroy has determined Newton quit on his teammates and his walk out of the press conference is proof of that dammit!

Newton Congratulates Manning

Oh and McElroy please stop pretending it has nothing to do with Newton being a War Eagle. It's not enough for you to win back-to-back but you have to try assassinate those that won the years you didn't.

Last month when Newton was given props for finally bringing up the disparity of being a black QB in the NFL vs a white one, I think he still sugar-coated it too much:

Cam Newton: 'I'm an African-American QB that may scare a lot of people' with unique skills

"I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing they can compare me to," he told reporters during his weekly media session at Bank of America Stadium.

That quote is Newton trying to address the issue while also trying to not get hammered for 'playing the race card'. What he really should have said is 'I scare of a lot of people because they can't handle the fact I have the potential to be better than any white QB ever'. So the narrative at all times becomes, 'let's prove Newton is not on the same level'.

After five season in the NFL in which he has been nothing but a model citizen off the field and a super star on it I think its time he start getting the benefit of the doubt. The media might find Newton a little less salty in these situations if they did.