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NFL Research reveals Luke Kuechly has been injured before

This is some remarkable in-depth research and analysis from the NFL's Research Dept.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think these guys get enough credit for the crack job they do digging into some of these obscure statistics.

NFL Research: Luke Kuechly's injury history -

Luke Kuechly injury history -Kuechly missed three games last season with a concussion (the only three games he's missed in his career)

Whoa! I wonder how long it took them to right the research script that poured over billions of gigabytes to reveal that nugget. They could have just asked a Panthers fan but there are none at NFL headquarters.

Okay enough of the sarcasm...

So I decided to see what I could find since I'm finding the above analysis lacking. In three seasons it looks like Luke didn't miss a game. So maybe he exited a game once but didn't miss any starts? I'm not seeing that in a quick search. So I commented over at the BC college blog to see if anyone there has a recollection of something. I'll warn you though, the fan post is advocating for Luke to retire and return to BC as a coach. Who can blame them?

Luke Kuechly Suffers Second Concussion - BC Interruption

It's time for him to put his helmet away and hopefully come back to BC and help put the program in the right direction. I'd love to see him as a linebackers coach. There's no need for him to put his quality of life on the line. He's proven that he was one of the best linebackers of all time in both college and the pros

As it stands right now I don't see where Kuechly has had more than the two concussions.