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Panthers place P Andy Lee on injured reserve, sign Michael Palardy as replacement

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Why can’t we have nice things?!

Welp. Things just keep getting worse for the Panthers, as Team MVP Andy Lee was placed on IR today after suffering a hamstring injury in the first quarter against the Chiefs yesterday afternoon. Graham Gano filled in for the rest of the game, but the Panthers had to look outside the organization for a more-than-temporary replacement.

Enter Michael Palardy into the picture. You may remember Palardy as one of the 800 punters from training camp this summer, and now he’s made his way back to Charlotte to replace Lee as the Panthers’ most frequently used player.

Everyone say it with me: WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

On a more serious note, this really does suck because Andy Lee is the best punter we’ve ever had and he was doing some fine work this season. Hopefully he’s able to come back next season because he really is good at what he does.

But for now, it’s the Michael Palardy show. Feel free to discuss this development amongst yourselves in the comments section.

In the meantime, someone get me a beer.