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Super Bowl 50 grounds crew paints both end zones with Broncos logo


The Super Bowl 50 grounds crew certainly did not get off to a strong start! A photo earlier this week revealed that the grounds crew had both end zones with the Denver Broncos logo. As they are painting the near end zone in the picture below, you can see the logo and some of the orange for the word "Broncos" on the far end zone.

The end zones have since been corrected for the Carolina Panthers, but it is nonetheless amusing to consider the broad conspiratorial implications of this dastardly deed. Clearly this is a sign the NFL is setting it up for Peyton Manning to ride off into the sunset with a victory! He gets two end zones to improve his chances of winning.

Well, that or it is as close as we'll come to a re-enactment of the all-time great Chefs Snickers commercial. Great googly moogly!