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Cam Newton finally said what we've been thinking for 5 years

Cam Newton held his regular Wednesday press conference in the usual manner with the typical cast of characters. One thing was very different ... what he said.

There it is. The topic he has danced around for five years, or simply never addressed. It has been the elephant in the room. The secret source of why some fans are no longer Panthers fans, and how so many letters can be written to the editor.

This season we've seen a more comfortable, more content, more in-his-element Cam Newton. This has manifested itself by him speaking his mind more, including this quote -- which is sure to make waves. Some people will likely get upset, but go ahead -- try and refute it.

Newton is a quarterback unlike anything we've seen in the NFL before. That, combined with his skin color has shaken the traditional, stodgy old guard to its core.