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Panthers WR Requests Name Change Back to Philly

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I think I might have got this ball rolling.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

You may recall Panthers WR 'Philly' Brown requested to have his first name changed to his given name 'Corey' in the Panther press info over the offseason instead of the nickname 'Philly' he has had since high school college. After the Panthers third preseason game against the Patriots in which Brown had umpteen drops (4 or 5) I decided I would only call him 'Philly' going forward:

Panthers 53 Man Roster Watch: Risers and Fallers - Cat Scratch Reader

Fallers - Philly Brown

Brown has gone from defacto starter to bubble player in two weeks based on his poor play, hence I'm going back to calling him Philly. Hell Newton did it too in his post game interview (thought it was more out of habit for Newton I think).

Well it looks like Ron Rivera agrees and he was was waaay less subtle about it:

Brown, Ginn named starting wide receivers
"Corey – excuse me, Philly – is progressing nicely," Rivera said. "I'm going to call him Philly. Philly catches the ball. Corey is a nice young man."

Boom! That is too funny really. Apparently Brown is on board with this as well as he quickly tweeted to the Panther organization to process the name change. You can see they quickly obliged. Honestly I always thought 'Philly' was a cool nickname and didn't understand why he wanted to change it now.

Now let's hope that is all it takes to get Brown back on track. I hope so because the poor game against the Patriots didn't change the fact he remains a Panthers starter at WR.

Welcome back Philly Brown!