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Just how good is the Panthers' corner Josh Norman?

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Against the Texans, Norman helped limit emerging receiver DeAndre Hopkins to just five catches for 53 yards, keeping him out of the end-zone. This, just one week after Hopkins had nine catches for 98 yards with a pair of touchdowns against the Chiefs.

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In case you missed it, against the Dolphins, Jacksonville wide-out Allen Robinson caught six passes for 155 yards with two touchdowns one week after Norman helped hold Robinson to just one catch, for 27 yards. Now, I did not bother to chart how many times Norman was on Hopkins but, according to ProFootballFocus, Normal was thrown at 12 times "mostly while on Hopkins" surrendering six receptions for just 40 yards.

Norman was PFF's highest graded cornerback after week one, and still sits atop their rankings. It looks like Norman has the chance to develop into a (dare I say) shut-down corner. Of course, this is good news, until it comes time to address his contract. With Cam, Luke, and Greg Olsen all having signed big contracts since the end of last season, hopefully we can sign Norman, and still have enough money to keep the remaining pieces of our front-seven in-tact.

This past season, the Bronco's Chris Harris signed a five-year, 42.5-million dollar deal. Meanwhile, six months ago, the Jets paid 70-million (on a five-year deal) to bring Darrelle Revis back to New York, and the Eagles will pay Byron Maxwell 63 million over six seasons.

The Colt's Vontae Davis signed a four-year, 36-million dollar deal in 2014. That same year, the Cardinals signed Patrick Peterson to an seven-year, 83-million dollar deal, and Aqib Talib signed with Denver for six-years at 57 million.

I think 50 million on a five-year deal sounds about right? But first, just how good is the Panthers' corner Josh Norman?