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Panthers Trade With Seahawks for WR Norwood

The Panthers have traded an undisclosed draft pick for Seattle WR Kevin Norwood. Update: It looks it was a conditional 7th rounder that depends on making the roster and play time next season.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Via Twitter:

If you are wondering why the Panthers didn't just wait for roster cut downs before giving up a draft pick Bill Voth has some good speculation:

Panthers Trade for Receiver Kevin Norwood - BBR

While Carolina could have waited for Norwood to be released sometime this week, the loss of Kelvin Benjamin and the current struggles of Corey Brown forced their hand. Plus, Norwood may not have fallen to the Panthers’ spot on the waiver wire. A fourth-round pick in 2014, Norwood caught just nine passes for 102 yards as a rookie.

The Panthers, especially receivers coach Ricky Proehl, were high on the former Alabama receiver during the draft process, so much so, that according to a source, they would have used a pick on him. Instead, the Seahawks grabbed him at No. 123 overall, five spots ahead of Carolina, who then took safety Tre Boston.

Provided we didn't give up more than a 6th rounder then I'm good with this. What are your thoughts Panther fans?

Regardless of how we feel about it one guy seems to be happy, Norwood himself: