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The Best 2015 Carolina Panthers Fantasy Team Names

Everyone likes a good pun. These team names specifically tailored for Panther fans are especially catty.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

A vital component of fantasy football success is coming up with a great team name. The best names out there combine some mixture of football knowledge with being clever, topical, and often quite lewd. Plus, lots and lots and lots of puns. Puns everywhere. When in a league with other Panthers fans, or people very knowledgeable about the NFL, you can go deep and come up with some great team names. Let's explore some below...

The Classics

These are classic team names for Panthers fans that may no longer be applicable to who is on our roster, but anyone with a strong knowledge of the team will get a chuckle out of.

  • Delhomme on the Range
  • DeShaun Foster Care
  • Biakabutukamatata
  • The Keary Colbert Report
  • Kerry Collinoscopy
  • Hurneyated Discs
  • I Can Seifert Miles and Miles
  • Hoooove Bitch! Get Out the Way
  • Life in the Fred Lane
  • Ice Up Ken Lucas
  • Senns of Our Fathers
  • Pilares of Hope
  • Undergoing Kemo Therapy
  • A Sack of Peppers
  • Cardiac Catastrophe
  • Rucker and Leave Her
  • Man vs. Fua'd (cred to James Dator)
  • Can't Hardy Wait
  • Wharton Hears a Who
  • The Armanti Pythons
  • Zack and Garry make a Pianalto (Dig deep for this one, but one of my faves)
  • 89 Problems, but a Catch Ain't One

The Current Best

Relevant and topical, these are sure to bring a laugh to your league this year.

  • A Rivera Runs Through It
  • Bersin with Flavor
  • Here's my Number, Kalil Me Maybe
  • Luke's Boykin your Wife
  • Cam Went to Jarrett
  • Honey Funchess of Oats (cred to James Dator)
  • A Case of Ganorrhea (more cred to Dator)
  • The Funchess of York (more Dator cred)
  • Shelvin' Benjamin :o(
  • Ain't MisDeHaven
  • Jerry's Kids
  • Shaq Lives Matter
  • Magic Mike Tolbert (cred to Edgar Salamingo Jr.)
  • Block Someone! Oher not...
  • Football is Art, and Artis-Payne
  • Shippin' Out Tre Boston
  • She's Bene Pain in the Ass
  • Eat your Brockeli
  • Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam!
  • Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
  • Six Degrees of Kelvin Benjamin
  • It's a Byrd! It's a Payne! IT'S SUPERCAM!
  • The Curious Case of Delvin Funjamin
  • The Lee Ward Islands
  • A Webb of Lies
  • Ginn and Juice
  • Nortman... Nort Machine
  • The Norman Conquest
  • A Warm Fozzy Feeling
  • Please ReTurner Trai
  • Saving Brian Folkerts
  • Jansen in the Street
  • Winning on the Wegher Wire
  • Bomb Squad LLC
  • When Kuechin it Real Goes Wrong
  • One Philly, Hold the Mayo
  • Cotchery Caught Kurt Coleman Colin Cole
  • Alas, Poor Andrew, we Norhimwell
If you've got some other good ones, sound off in the comments! We will add them to the list!

I hope this provides inspiration for all of you as you begin another season of fantasy dominance, even though you'll all inevitably lose to me.