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Cam Newton talks life in the NFL, 'Deflategate' with Australian radio

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Cam Newton has gone Down Under. Be still my beating heart. The Panthers' quarterback spent some time in Melbourne this week and had a chance to attend an Aussie Rules game. Newton sat down with Triple M radio to answer a whole host of questions.

Newton is in Australia as part of his agreement with Gatorade and learned that Aussie footballs are pretty slippery. Cam was also asked about this concept of "playing smarter" and balancing that against using his natural tools. That will be an interesting concept moving forward. Weighing his physicality and ability to impose his will on defenders while also keeping himself healthy.

It's nice to see Cam getting some good press around the world. Newton also took some time to send his condolences to Phil Walsh's family, the AFL coach who was murdered by his son last week. It was huge news for the sport, and really meant something that Newton, an outsider, took notice of the news around him.