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Cam Newton visits families of Charleston shooting victims

The Carolina Panthers aren't shying away from the tragedy that happened in their back yard last week. Jerry Richardson stepped up to the plate by donating $100,000 to families to help in their time of need, and now Cam Newton is doing his part.

The Panthers wouldn't talk about the donations when asked, and Newton is following suit. When asked about meeting the families he refused to answer questions on the subject. This wasn't a case of trying to get publicity, or getting more time in the spotlight -- it was about being a good resident of the Carolinas, paying his respects and trying to brighten someone's day in the midst of an impossible situation.

Newton is everything I've ever wanted out of a franchise quarterback for the Panthers. It's not all about on-field play, it's about having the character off it to be an ambassador for everything the organization stands for.

Thank you Cam. You're our quarterback, and we couldn't be more proud.