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My Panthers 2015 NFL Draft Re-Do

I would never suggest for a second I know more than Dave Gettleman when it comes to picking draft prospects. After all I don't have his experience or scouting staff to help. Plus I didn't meet with the players and evaluate their character which is apparently what Getts values a lot.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

But it's always fun to second guess just to see what could have been now that we know how the rest of the draft played out. That is my one advantage. Getts couldn't see the future and therefore succumbed to the fear his draft board would be 'picked clean'.

So the first thing I change is I don't execute the first trade up for Devin Funchess. Instead I would wait and see who falls to me at #57 and keep the 3rd rounder. Well I guess first I changed the #25 pick. You'll see though I keep the 2nd trade up and OT Daryl Williams. I still like that trade. I also keep the pick of Artis-Payne as I didn't see any other late round RBs I liked.

Real Life:
Round Pick Selection School Height Weight Position
1 25 Shaq Thompson Washington 6'0" 228 OLB43
2 41 Devin Funchess Michigan 6'5" 235 WRF
4 101 Daryl Williams Oklahoma 6'5" 327 ROT/LOT
5 169 David Mayo Texas St 6'1" 235 ILB
5 174 Cameron Artis-Payne Auburn 5'10" 212 RBF
My Picks: Carolina Panthers
Round Pick Selection School Height Weight Position
1 25 Breshard Perriman UCF 6'2" 212 WR
2 57 Quinton Rollins Miami 5'11" 195 CB
3 89 Carl Davis Iowa 6'5" 320 DT
4 124 Daryl Williams Oklahoma 6'6" 329 ROT
5 169 Cameron Artis-Payne Auburn 5'10" 212 RB
5 174 Tre' McBride William & Mary 6'1" 205 WR
6 242 Lawrence Gibson Virginia Tech 6'6" 320 OT

My other considerations for the #57 pick was OT Ty Sambrailo or DEs Frank Clark or Marcus Golden.

So what are some re-do picks you would take Panther fans?