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Cam Newton Avoids Sack by Mecklenburg Police

Though rumor has it the NFL is going to fine him for attending an unsanctioned event without wearing something Panthery.

Cam Newton prays towards Mecca
Cam Newton prays towards Mecca
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton of Carolina Panthers not a person of interest after shooting, police say - ESPN
WSOC-TV in Charlotte published photos and video Tuesday night that showed Newton on stage with Young Jeezy -- one of the rappers scheduled to perform at the party -- before gunshots sent people ducking to the ground and fleeing for the exits. According to the station, shots were heard moments after the pictures were taken.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department spokesman Rob Tufano says Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is not a person of interest following a weekend shooting at a Charlotte nightclub.

So here's what I surmise from this, deductive reasoning if you will, with my Hater hat on:

  • They cleared Newton once they saw neither his Colt 45 or his Ruger had not been fired
  • All of the weapons in his entourage checked out too obviously
  • Neither Plaxico Burress nor Greg Hardy were with Newton at the club
  • Though police made it clear Newton is NOT a person of interest they do still find him interesting and sought his autograph on several occasions
  • Cam's fashion sense is still out there a little bit (WTF is that scarf and jacket?)
  • The Bucs and Falcons still suck
  • Young Jeezy isn't looking so young anymore
  • Nightclub video quality is still stuck in the '80s
  • The CIAA basketball league suddenly got amnesia on where their sanctioned events are being held
  • The Charlotte media will report on anything that has to do with Cam
That about does it...what did I leave out?