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Panthers sign Dwan Edwards and Ed Dickson to new deals

Keeping depth was key, and the Panthers have done just that.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers announced another two signings Tuesday with a two-year contract being offered to defensive tackle Dwan Edwards, and a tree-year deal to tight end Ed Dickson.

Signing Edwards and Dickson brings the Panthers to 11 signings so far before free agency begins at 4 p.m. ET. It's a very weird off season for Carolina, one where we assumed the team would be opening the purse strings -- but that doesn't really feel to be the case.

The league's top talent is being snatched up and so far Carolina only has Michael Oher and Ted Ginn to their name. Both are solid signings that will provide both depth and upgrade the Panthers' offense, and in reality none of the re-signings have been completely mystifying. There's just something... lacking about free agency in regards to the Panthers this year.

It's my sincere hope we're not destined for another barren few months and that Dave Gettleman's talk of "not shopping at the dollar store" doesn't become this year's "the answer is on the roster," but there's a possibility that's the case. It's not like the Panthers need a lot to compete in 2015, but they need more than they had last year. So far the biggest questions and unanswered, and we'll all need to wait and see.