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Panthers Re-Sign QB Joe Webb

The Panthers are bringing back one of their more versatile players.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Webb was not only the Panthers 3rd string QB last season he also played WR and covered kicks on special teams. He is also apparently the epitome of a team player.

Joe Webb impressed Carolina Panthers enough to bring him back - ESPN
"Joe gives us continuity at the quarterback position," coach Ron Rivera said in a statement. "He is also a very versatile player. Not only has he played quarterback, but he has played wide receiver and on special teams, and gives us some depth there because of his athleticism and intelligence. "We are very excited for him to continue to be part of what we’re trying to build here."

So the back-to-back NFC South champs are still in 'build' mode huh? Look out NFC South! Like I said Webb is the kind of guy every coach wants in his locker room.

Panthers re-sign versatile Webb
"It's great to be back," Webb said. "We had a great run the way we finished off the season, and it felt like home. Everyone had great team chemistry, and it felt like a big family. I didn’t know if I could get that somewhere else. I’m excited to keep working with Cam and D.A. (Derek Anderson) with Coach (Ken) Dorsey coaching us up."

I can remember on more than one occasion it was Webb who saved a TD on a kick return. Plus he looked really good in the preseason at QB. If pressed into action I think he would play very well.

So overall a very good re-signing by the Panthers.