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This Cam Newton MVP hype video will have you dabbing all over the office

Cam Newton deserves to be atop the NFL MVP discussion list.

Warning: The language in the song attached to this video is NSFW, so plug in those earbuds.

It's Monday, December 7, and your Carolina Panthers are 12-0 NFC South division champs. Things are going so well that even Jerry Richardson is dabbing on dem folks in the Panthers locker room. This euphoric state of football fandom will continue for at least another week, as the Panthers aim to lock up home field advantage in the next few games.

With a Patriots loss yesterday, the Panthers now hold a two-game lead over every other NFL team. You know what that means? Cam Newton deserves to be at the top of the 'MVP discussion' list without question.

I stumbled across the above video this morning, and I thought it was too good not to share. Nothing brightens my spirits on a Monday morning in the office like a cup of coffee, an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese, and an endless supply of Cam Newton and Panthers highlights. It gets me through the grind, hopefully it'll help you out, too.