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Panthers 38 Giants 35: Player of the Game Poll

I had initially decided to skip this week's poll because I couldn't see how we could applaud anyone but Cam Newton this week. But I've now decided that it's fair.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Just for reference here is Cam's stat line vs the Giants:

25 for 45 for 340 yds 5 TDs, 0 INTs, 116.9 QBR

Never mind the defense and STs squandered the 28 point lead Newton gave them, he simply marched down

So here are some candidates for this week's POG poll that aren't Cam Newton:

Andrew Norwell's Beard - 'Cause it's mesmerizing

Kawann Short's First Step - 'Cause it's really quick for a dude that weights 320

Greg Olsen's Hair - produces a golden flash that blinds DBs when he streaks down the middle of the field

Ted Ginn's Gloves - the new flypaper coating has worked wonders

Cam Newton's Smile - His smile on the field makes him impervious to brain waves emanating from the Haters

Thomas Davis's Heart - produces good vibes in all fans and players standing within 50 feet

Josh Norman's Helmet - thank goodness he was wearing one

I could go on but let's stop it at 7.

As always you can always suggest your own in the comment thread.

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