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Homer vs Hater: Panthers Lead NFC Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of Panther Homer vs Panther Hater, where opposite ends of the Panther fan base discuss the latest Panther news, notes and scores. In this edition Homer attempts to bring Hater over the Homer side given the Panthers 11-0 start.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


Homer: I don't know how to act. This is unchartered territory for Panther fans. The Panthers are not only 11-0 and leading the NFC but they have a two game lead for home field advantage. This season has been nothing short of magical so far. So much so I bet even Hater can't find fault in it.

Hater: Well while it's nice to be on top for the moment the Panthers have had a much easier schedule then first estimated. IMO, it's been more about the other elite teams in the NFC (Green Bay, Seattle, Dallas, and Philly) have stunk it up, and not just against the Panthers. What matters is how you are playing when the playoffs start.

Homer: The Panthers have won their last three games by 21 points on average. Doesn't that give you some level of comfort looking towards the remaining five winnable games?

Hater: No.

Homer: How about that smack down of the Cowboys at their house on Thanksgiving Day? Certainly that made you smile right?

Hater: Okay you got me there, but the Cowboys were 3-7 at the time and Romo was obviously not 100%. But all happiness ended with the Cam TD dance. Does he really need to do ALL that? Act like you been there before and plan to return I always say.

Homer: That's just Cam being Cam...certainly Panther fans have grown accustomed to it by now. How about just the fact he scored a TD and the Panthers won by 19 points? Did you hate that too?

Hater: Well the Panthers did leave a lot of points on the field... Steve Smith did better TD dances.

Homer: Can we at least agree Newton is a legitimate MVP candidate?

Hater: Cam has done enough to win but he's not putting up Brady or Rodgers kind of numbers. Let's see how he does on the road in New Orleans, New York and Atlanta.

Homer: So if the Panthers go 16-0 then you'll finally reach your happy place?

Hater: The Panthers would be the worse 16-0 team of all time. If they won the SB...they'd be the worse 19-0 team ever.

Homer: They would also be the only 19-0 team ever! It would be in the record books for a long time! Certainly that would be a source of pride every Panther fan can rejoice in.

Hater: But they would never be able to re-sign Josh Norman and Kawann Short with the salary cap like it is....Salary cap! Salary cap!

Homer: Arrrrgh!!! I give up...