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The Top Ten Things Cam Newton has Destroyed

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Sunday isn't the first time that Cam Newton has made a statement by taking down symbols he doesn't agree with.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton is catching flak for tearing down an ugly and overpriced Green Bay Packers banner at the game on Sunday... because Cam Newton. We all know that if it were any other franchise quarterback, this would be a display of "competitive grit, passion, or fire" but since it is Cam, and the media never met a mole hill they couldn't turn into a mountain... here we are. But the truth is, Cam is a far more nefarious destroyer of symbols than we realized. Check out the rare footage on display below.

The 12th Man

Cam doesn't just tear down symbols in his own house, he does it in other people's houses too. By destroying the 12th man in Seattle... there was no doubt anymore. Cam Newton will demolish the things you hold dear.

Yankee Stadium

But football wasn't enough... Cam was said to have broken the first brick when Old Yankee stadium was torn down.

The Berlin Wall

President Ronald Reagan was quoted as saying "Mr. Newton, tear down this wall. Tear it down!"

The South Carolina State House Flag

Hey look, Newton was just applying stadium policy to newly adopted South Carolina state policy.

Planet of the Apes


The Dude's Car

This is something that Cam cannot abide.


In fairness... Alderaan shot first.

Sadam Hussein's Statue

Forever the patriot, Cam was there to assist thousands of Iraqis in tearing down the dictator's statue.

Tom Cruise's Mom's Fabrigue Egg from Risky Business

Shouldn't have had that party, Tom.

The Titanic

The titanic didn't hit an iceberg, it got between Cam Newton and the goal line.