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Cam Newton is holding a dab contest at 'Cam's Thanksgiving Jam'

"Cam's Thanksgiving Jam" has become a staple since the Panthers' quarterback arrived in the Carolina's in 2012. As the holidays approach he pays for the Charlotte Boys and Girls' club to have their holiday party, buys gifts, spends time with the kids and bankrolls the whole thing.

I know the Panthers are 10-0, but people outside this area finally recognizing Cam for all the amazing work he does with kids is probably my favorite thing this season. So many had him so wrong for so long. Whether it's kids getting footballs on Sunday, children getting presents for the Holidays or making sure a young boy's Halloween is memorable -- he's simply the best.

Let's talk about this dab contest. These kids are on point! Better not let them anywhere near an end zone in Nashville, or there are some people who would be preeeetty mad.