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Eagles v Panthers: Pro Football Focus Preview

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Here's PFFs preview for the Sunday Night Football match-up between the Eagles and Panthers.

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We have the good, the great and the ugly in the Panthers preview.

Panthers overview:

Now the Eagles preview.

Eagles overview:

  • Jordan Matthews ranks among the best slot receivers in football.
  • Walter Thurmond and Malcolm Jenkins may be the best safety duo in the NFL.
  • Ryan Mathews has dropped 25% of catchable passes (3 of 12), the second highest drop % amongst all RBs.
  • LT Jason Peters has a pass blocking efficiency rating of 98.2, 3rd best amongst all tackles.  He has yet to allow a sack.
  • Jason Kelce has a pass blocking efficiency rating of 99.1, the highest amongst all centers.  He, too, has yet to allow a sack.
  • Benny Logan has a run stop % of 17.8, 2nd best among interior defensive linemen.
  • QBs have a passer rating of 134.3 when targeting Byron Maxwell, which ranks him 106th out of 111 eligible CBs.
I'm not sure about that Mathews stat as I have him in fantasy and he's been very inconsistent. It's due tot he play of his QB Sam Bradford I imagine but still I'm skeptical.

DE Jared Allen will have his hands full with LT Jason Peters. I don't care how old Peters is I would take him in a second.

I did not realize Byron Maxwell was struggling THAT much. I read over on BGN that some of their fans were complaining about Maxwell not playing to his contract. The rest of the secondary looks formidable though.