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Josh Norman promoted to starter

After two abysmal performances by the secondary, the Panthers have pulled former UDFA-turned starter Melvin White and promoted former 5th round pick Josh Norman to starter at cornerback.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

According to Joe Person (via Twitter), former 5th round pick Josh Norman has been promoted to starter over Melvin White at the cornerback position. This follows a game where White allowed two touchdowns (one not really being his fault off a freaky tipped pass) to Steve Smith Sr. this past weekend. White looked promising in the preseason and was part of a secondary that did a good job against the Lions and Bucs. However, these past two weeks the secondary has been exposed against quick and rhythmic passing games.

Josh Norman started most of his rookie year before being benched, and has been another preseason all star who can't seem to translate his talents onto the field. Norman has some experience and has been sharing time with White, but it appears the lion's share of the snaps will now go to Norman over White. The move seems to signify that the Panthers aren't opposed to making some personnel changes, and after two lambastings in a row we could expect to see more. Person also reports that the Panthers may be shopping around for a veteran running back. Watch for some free agent signings in the coming future.

Do you agree with this move, Panthers fans? Share with us in the comments below, and stay tuned for any other roster moves that might take place!