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A Letter from a Concerned Panthers Fan

A fan reached out to me to argue about a certain Carolina Panthers backup that everybody's been talking about since week one. The guy makes some... interesting points and did plenty of research to back them up. My one question; how did he know where I live?

Grant Halverson

I came upon a letter stuffed into my mailbox this past Tuesday, and when I say stuffed I mean I needed a spatula just to get the thing out. The letter in question was addressed to me, with the correct address, zip code, and everything. Everything except that the person had left out the "i" in my last name and replaced it with a "t". I'm not quite sure what to make of the thing, but I will share it with you Panthers fans and see if you agree with this person.

Dear (redacted),

I am a concerned fan humbly approaching you with a request that you spread this note to all of the Panthers fanbase. With the recent injury concerns in regards to Cam Newton and the success of Derek Anderson, our amazing backup quarterback. Quite simply, I believe Anderson can and should be our starting quarterback. The guy has won 100% of his games as a Panthers starting quarterback and has committed zero turnovers in the regular season, and quite frankly is a better face of the franchise than Cam could ever be! I have outlined my points below.

On The Field

One of the biggest problems we have seen with Cam Newton is that he gets impatient in the pocket and his mechanics break down quickly. He tends to scramble if he feels rushed and not complete his reads. Cam needs to learn to be patient in the pocket and make the correct throw. You want to know who has patience? Golfers. Golf is the epitome of a sport that requires patience. Heck, every time I play golf I end up getting drunk and driving the golf cart around the course.

You want to know who posseses the inate patience required to play golf? DEREK ANDERSON. He's always tweeting about golf, he seems like he'd be good at it. We need that kind of golfers patience in the pocket if we ever want a real and respectable passing game. Anderson plays golf, Cam Newton plays Madden. And I bet he's one of those guys who never punts the ball and goes for it on fourth down EVERY PLAY. We can't have a quarterback who doesn't understand the value of punting and tries to win the game by scrambling around and bombing the ball deep until he gets lucky and scores an 80 yard touchdown. That's not effective in real football, and it shouldn't be effective in Madden. I propose that either Cam Newton puts the controller down and picks up a golf club, or the Panthers start Derek Anderson. Which do you think will come first? I thought so.


Cam Newton's fake smile and selfishness has been well documented by reliable sources, such as ESPN, Mel Kiper, and Nolan Nawrocki. Cam's had a history of off the field issues, including poutiness, failure as a leader, and delusions of grandeur (icon, entertainer). We never know if the Cam that we are seeing is necessarily the real Cam Newton or simply a portrayal of what fans want Cam to be. He could be the fearless leader that pleases the media, or the pouty child on the sideline that he is INCLINED to be.

The offensive line allowed one sack in week one while Derek Anderson was leading the offense. They have allowed 8 since Cam Newton took back over as a starter. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. It probably has to do with Cam Newton's poor jokes about opposing team's start players. "Donkey Kong Suh", Cam? Really? You even had the opening for something like "Suh-eeeeeeey". Derek Anderson would have thought of that one. Don't quit your day job for stand up Cam. Or do quit your day job. Just don't play quarterback or tell jokes.

With our noble backup Derek Anderson, we know exactly what we are getting. A witty Twitter presence who is never afraid to speak his mind. We all remember the infamous post game interview with DA in Arizona. While that wasn't the way to go about it, there is one takeaway that we can count on; we know our quarterback wears his heart on his sleeve. He's not afraid to speak his mind and we know WHO WE ARE GETTING week in and week out. We don't have to hear the media criticism of Cam, we don't have to see our starting quarterback pouting on the sideline, and we CERTAINLY won't see our quarterback demonstrating his awful fashion sense after a loss.

So this happened after the Steelers-Panthers game. (@BlackBlueReview)


WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? A Lavender sports coat, skinny jeans, and slippers to a post game interview? Does he think that's how Panthers fans dress? What a disgrace.

Cam needs to step down, and let Derek Anderson step up. It is clear that this franchise is better off without Cam. The Panthers were on pace to have an undefeated season, giving up a total of 16 sacks in the regular season with DA at the helm. He's a perfect fit for the Panthers. After all, you can't teach 6'6", 235. That one inch height advantage is key.

Do you guys even want to win a Super Bowl? If so, hit up Twitter and all social media with "#StartTheDerek" and "#WeWantTheD". That'll send a message.