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9/21 Steelers 7 Panthers 17 Game in review

It was a close game until the #bombsquad decided to make magic.

Our heroes!
Our heroes!
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Panthers appeared to have the Steelers outclassed in every phase of the game Sunday evening, yet let them hang around until well past their curfew. Whether we are trying to be the baby sitter or the distracted parent to the rest of the NFL, our team is going to have to learn to be more disciplined if it is going stop risking these bed time fiascoes. Too many and we risk losing our shot at the Caretaker of the Year award in February.

The Panthers came in with a very modest game plan focused on short screens and slants designed to drain the clock without putting too much pressure on Cam's still tender ribs and our very bruised corps of running backs. Our defense played solid ball, as was to be expected, with the Steelers lone score of the night coming on a punt return. This should have been a gift of a game, but the offensively modest game plan seemed to put Cam in a room with a string of presents encased in hard plastic with no scissors at hand.

This ill-prepared modesty left us with the strong need to use the restroom in the metaphorical early morning of this game with nothing to do but run around the parking lot like a chicken with its head cut off because the doors to the visitors center and all the outdoor restrooms were still locked an hour after they were supposed to have opened (looking at you Hanging Rock State Park).

The Steelers tried again to bequeath us the game by planting a tree to duck behind and relieve the pressure of our bandwagon's overindulgence in kool aid, but a series of high throws and critical drops almost led to zero points after two (TWO!) Ben Roethlisberger red zone fumbles, with the most critical stalled drive coming with 4:55 left in the fourth quarter and the game tied at 7 all.

Facing a 47 yard field goal, Graham Gano and Brad Nortman shared a knowing look before the snap and promptly put the game away in legendary fashion. Instead of spinning the ball, laces out, Brad Nortman took the snap and stood to run. Gano sprinted out ahead and played fullback to Nortman's tail and lead blocked for the punter's 30 yard touchdown scamper that took the roof off the house and the hitherto nervous fanbase.

One impromptu on-side kick later and the Panthers were able to grind the clock down for a last second field goal (Gano, 22 yards) to give the home team a 17 to 7 victory and an equally nerve-wracking and exciting outlook for their impending visit to the Baltimore Steve Smiths.