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Panthers 20 Bucs 14: Key GIFs by Quarter

Let's take a look at a GIF of a key play from each quarter of the Panthers 20-14 victory over the Bucs. I've selected plays you won't see on Sportscenter but they were still vital to the outcome of the game.

Cliff McBride

The Panthers open the scoring in the first quarter with a scoring pass to TE Greg Olsen. Earlier in the drive the Panthers faced 3rd and 7 and QB Derek Anderson went to his new found shiny toy for 22 yards and a 1st down:


He had high and low coverage but his size makes it an easy throw and catch. The catch put the Panthers in the Bucs side of the field and they shortly went ahead 7-0.

With only :42 left in the 2nd quarter, the Panthers faced 2nd and 9 from the TB 25. Anderson hits Cotchery with a short pass and from there it's nothing but tough YAC:


Cotchery was invisible for the preseason but in his four catches against the Bucs I see why he is a great addition to the Panthers WR corp and it's not what I was expecting. He fights for those extra yards after the catch and is not easy to bring down. I'm very encouraged by what I saw from Cotchery.

With 8:53 left in the 3rd quarter and Bucs driving towards the Panther red zone the leader of the defense unveils what he has been working on this offseason...the Mike blitz!


Keek goes beast Mode! I hope to see more of the Mike blitz this season.

Finally with 13:24 in the 4th quarter I selected a play from the third phase of the game:


After making the first two guys miss with a nice spin move he then gets a great block from Josh Norman that opens up the sideline and allows him to tack on another 15 yards. Though it only ended up being a 23 yard return we will take those all day long. We may have found us a punt returner Panther fans! Oh and a hat tip to Josh's the little things that will keep you on the roster.

I hope you enjoyed the GIFs I picked out for you!