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Fantasy Football: Cam Newton Will Again be a Top 5 Player

You won't need to draft him that high though. In spite of finishing in the top 5 in points (depending on your scoring system) Newton will continue to be under valued entering fantasy draft season yet again.

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Many pre-draft rankings don't even have Newton in the top 5 for QBs, much less as a top 10 pick overall. I'll never understand that as points are points, no matter who scored them. Last season both Payton Manning and Drew Brees scored way more points than those behind them yet RBs continue to dominate the top 10 of pre-draft fantasy rankings. I understand why but I'm thinking I will buck the transition of going RB in the first round and instead take one of the top QBs. How about you.

Newton is easily the best fantasy option on the Panthers roster this season and it's not even close. WR Kelvin Benjamin could surprise as a late round WR option but I hardly think any of the other WRs will make any noise. The Panthers 2nd best option is TE Greg Olsen, who should see more targets this season on 3rd down with Steve Smith departed to Baltimore.

At RB it's hard to tell if DeAngelo Williams will get enough carries to be more than a #3 flex option at RB. If we knew he would get 18-20 carries he would be a solid #2 starter if not better. But the carries remains the sticking point, plus we have no idea how this o-line is going to pan out.

The TD vulture Mike Tolbert might be a better late round option than either Williams or Jonathan Stewart, at least early in the season. Other options include the Panther defense, which led the league in sacks last year and 3rd in points. They should again be worthy of a top tier Defense pick, which should be a mid to late round draft position.

K Graham Gano will need to get more opportunities to be a top 10 kicker, but it is very possible but not likely.

So the summary is look to get Newton in the late 2nd or early 3rd round as he would be great value there after nabbing a top tier RB in the 1st round. Otherwise go bullish on the Panthers and wait til the later rounds where you can find some value. Someone has to score in their offense, we just need to see who steps up and beocmes that focal point.

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