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Dispelling Panther Rumors Straight from the Catbox

So did you hear Jon Bon Jovi has submitted a bid to buy the Bills?

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Bon Jovi’s group vows to keep team in Buffalo | ProFootballTalk
Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has indeed joined a Toronto-based group that hopes to buy the Buffalo Bills.  And Bon Jovi and company indeed are claiming that they intend to keep the team in Buffalo. Via the Associated Press, Bon Jovi’s group has retained a banking firm and submitted paperwork expressing interest in buying the franchise from the estate of Ralph Wilson.  Via John Kryk of the Toronto Sun, Bon Jovi’s group has told others, and will inform the trust that will sell the team, that the Bills won’t leave Buffalo.

Personally I think his bid is Living on a Prayer but . Now I’m sure living in Buffalo is No Bed of Roses but moving to Canada would be Bad Medicine for Bills fans. They just need to Keep the Faith that cool heads will prevail.

Imagine if Bon Jovi’s bid should come to pass, how jealous might some other famous frontmen will be? Maybe Steven Tyler will buy the Panthers as a way to one up Bon Jovi. Just the thought gives me Sweet Emotion… not far removed from Love in an Elevator. You might be saying to me ‘Dream On Jaxon, you must be Crazy’ but I think you’re just too Jaded. Maybe it could happen ;)

Have a Nice Day!