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NFL Preseason Week 2: Chiefs vs. Panthers Blogger Q&A

Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride was kind enough to swap questions and answer with me regarding the Sunday Night preseason match-up between the Chiefs and Panthers.

The long snappers talk it out!
The long snappers talk it out!

So here we go. I've got each question followed by Joel's answer and then my thoughts based on his answer. Please provide your own thoughts on his answers in the comments.

Question 1: How long can we expect QB Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles to play along with the 1st team offense?

Thorman: Alex Smith should play for the first half. Andy Reid confirmed that this week and it also lines up with how he has historically handled his quarterbacks in the second game of the preseason. I'm kind of doubting we'll see Jamaal Charles for that long though. I could see the Chiefs taking him out a little earlier because he's so important to the offense and doesn't really need the work.

We can instead expect to see a lot of Cyrus Gray, Knile Davis and Charcandrick West. The Chiefs offense was limited to 43 plays in last weeks win over the Bengals. They won because of three non-offensive TDs ( 2 INTs and 1 PR).

Question 2: Is Dwayne Bowe still the Chiefs #1 WR and if not, what WR is or will be the Chiefs #1 WR in 2014.

Thorman: Yes, Dwayne Bowe is the clear cut No. 1 receiver. He is better than the Chiefs other options. After Bowe, the Chiefs have some good, young talent but also plenty of question marks. Bowe is the most sure-thing among the Chiefs receivers and he's not even that much of a sure-thing, so it tells you where the Chiefs receivers group is at.

I guess it just seems like Bowe (29) has been around for a long time. Donnie Avery and Kyle Williams are the other two WRs to start alongside Bowe. Also, rookie TE Travis Kelce had a 69 yard TD in their previous preseason game so keep an eye on him.

Question 3: Who is one player on offense I don't know but probably should for this game?

Thorman: Albert Wilson. He's an undrafted receiver out of Georgia State. The Chiefs lined him up in a variety of spots in the preseason opener. He also had a 65-yard kickoff return. He's 5'9 but 200 pounds so he's a smaller but bulky player with a lot of speed. The Chiefs are going to want to get a lot of looks out of him this weekend.

I would say he'll be a good test for our kick off coverage team but since Gano boots most of them out of the end zone probably not. Instead he'll be the next test for Charles Godfrey and his move to the nickel.

Question 4: Who is one player on defense I don't know but probably should for this game?

Thorman: Daniel Sorensen. He's an undrafted safety who will probably be replacing Eric Berry if Berry doesn't play (tendinitis in his heel). He comes from Andy Reid's favorite school, BYU. He is still a bit of an unknown but we're starting to notice him more now that he's replacing Berry. He's shown a nice knack for the ball in camp.

Sorenson will probably be the lucky recipient of one of Panther QB Matt Blanchard's gift overthrows this week.

Question 5: What would your prediction for the game be if this were the regular season?

Thorman: It feels like the Chiefs and Panthers are similar. Big 2013 season with plenty of people expecting them to regress. It's August and I'm still in homer-mode so give me 23-20, Chiefs.

I always go Homer in these predictions myself. The score doesn't really matter as long as we play well.

Be sure to check Arrowhead Pride on Friday to see my answers to his questions.