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Greg Hardy found guilty of domestic violence and communicating threats

The Panthers defensive end was found guilty on both counts.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Hardy has been found guilty domestic violence and communicating threats to his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder from a fight that broke out between the two in May. Judge Becky Thornton Tin presided over the case and sentenced Hardy to a 60 day suspended sentence and 18 months of supervision, until he completes a court-ordered program.

Hardy's lawyers will seek an appeal in superior court.

Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer reports that the Judge said in closing:

"The court is entirely convinced Hardy is guilty of assault on a female and communicating threats."

The marathon day in court began at 10 a.m. and took almost 12 hours to complete. Judge Tin wanted the trial to finish on Tuesday, but did not elaborate on the circumstances behind her decision. Testimony was heard from Hardy, Holder, Sammy Curtis who is a friend and manager of Hardy's as well as two women there on the night, one of whom was Christina Lawrence -- a woman with no vested interest in either side, but whose testimony highly favored Holder.

Much of the day was spent arguing the pair's demeanor on the night in question. The defense presented a case of Holder being an unpredictable and often erratic person on the night of the crime, bringing up her history of drug use as a possible reason. She acknowledged using cocaine on the night in question, but was resolute on her version of the events.

The state similarly painted an ugly picture of Hardy, one of a man who acted violently because of anger. In summation they argued that delays in police interviews allowed Hardy and Curtis to formulate a story, calling Hardy's recorded 911 call"contrived" and "started with a lie." It was their summation that the defense was trying to paint Holder as unreliable due to her drug use, but noted that her honesty on the stand was a testament to her credibility. Ultimately Judge Tin found Holder reliable, citing medical records and bruising.

Now is not the time to discuss the football ramifications, however it remains to be seen how the league will react to Hardy's conviction.

Reports from @jjones9 and @josephperson contributed to this report.