Who are the Most Overrated and Underrated Panthers?

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Trying to waste a little time this morning, and I thought I would make my first ever FanPost. Though, I have spent countless hours on the comments threads, I have never actually posted anything, so I thought it was about time I changed that.

I ran across an article by Pete Prisco where he names his most overrated and most underrated players on each NFL team. His picks for the Panthers are understandable.

Carolina Panthers

Overrated: RB DeAngelo Williams --­­ He makes a lot of money to just do some OK things. Is his career as a starter coming to an end?

Underrated: DT Kawann Short ­­-- Star Lotulelei got all the attention as the rookie starter at defensive tackle, but this rookie did some really good things in 2013.

I can somewhat see where he is coming from on the D-Will pick for being overrated. But, I have to disagree because I think he is more "overpaid" than "overrated". I am of the opinion that D-Will's struggles can be directly attributed to the lackluster offensive line. I think he still has some gas left in the tank, and can still be a good RB. The main reason I disagree that he is the most overrated Panther, is that most people don't rate him very highly. To be overrated, you must first rate him too highly, or overestimate his value or merits. And, I don't see a lot of people in the media, nor in the fan base rating D-Will very highly. So, overpaid? Yes. Overrated? No.

As for Kawann Short being underrated. Yes, I can definitely agree that he has been underrated. Kawann and Star are going to be awesome, and I think he had a really good rookie year, and he will be even better this year. But, is he the most underrated Panther? If you look outside the fanbase, I would have to say that there are a few Panthers that aren't getting the recognition they deserve. For instance, Thomas Davis might be thrown into that conversation. He was spectacular last year. Or, what about Charles Johnson. To me CJ is no doubt the best DE on the team, but because he just quietly goes about be a consistent dominating force, and while the Kraken is being a character and drawing the attention, no one really mentions CJ. Neither Thomas Davis nor Charles Johnson have been to the Probowl, and that is ridiculous.

Having said all of that, my picks would be

Most Overrated - DE Greg Hardy - I hate to say it. I love the Kraken, and I really hope that he is still wearing a Panther uniform for years to come. But, his status has been elevated due to his outlandish character (which I love) and him having 2 really good games to end the season. But, let's not forget that 7 of his 15 sacks came in the last 2 games. That means he only had 8 sacks in the other 14. He is a dominating force at times, but he seems to disappear at others. I don't think he is anywhere near the consistency of Charles Johnson.

Most Underrated - OLB Thomas Davis - Davis was an absolute beast last year. He has been overshadowed outside of our fanbase due to the production of Luke, but Davis is a true leader, a great player on the field, and a great person off the field. He is an awesome compliment to Luke, and the two of them make up (IMHO) the best LB duo in the NFL. When Luke set the all time NFL record for tackles in a game (26), Davis "quietly" had 16 tackles and an interception in that same game. Davis is awesome, plain and simple, and the fact that he has never been to a Probowl is a shame.

So, I am sure there are many who will disagree, and I am curious as to what the rest of CSR thinks. Who would be your choices, and why?

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