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Former Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen is Looking for a 2nd Chance

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Jimmy Clausen is recovered from a shoulder injury and is now looking for a team to give him a chance to compete. So far he has no takers.

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Clausen is doing everything he can to improve his chances, including seeing a therapist:

Once-prized QB Jimmy Clausen just wants another NFL chance
"I think it's been a fire under his butt not being with a team right now," said Clausen's longtime trainer, Ryan Capretta. "I can tell you he's in here probably three hours a day. He's working with a therapist. He's out running with the rest of the guys. He's lifting. He's doing everything he can." Clausen also is throwing four times a week with his quarterback coach, Steve Clarkson. He estimates his arm is about 95% back to normal and on track to participate in OTAs, if and when he gets signed.

"I'm still really young," said Clausen, 26. "I'm going into my fifth year in the league. I feel great. This is probably right now the healthiest I've been since my junior year in college, to be honest with you."

So a Clausen arm at 95% is about what to a normal QB I wonder? I'll resist the urge to insert an easy joke on that one. Seriously I think at least one team will give him a shot. I doubt the Panthers will, actually I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed. The Panthers appear set at QB for the moment with Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, free agent Joe Webb and 2nd year QB Matt Blanchard. Clausen was never a great fit in Carolina once the Panthers drafted Cam Newton as their games are very different.

He better make the best of it if he does get a shot because I doubt he gets more than one. Teams where he might fit include St. Louis, Jacksonville and Houston.

So do you think another team will give Clausen a chance?