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WR Benjamin blows off workout?

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If true this would be a huge red flag in my opinion. If he hadn't already slid out of the first round with his combine showing, this issue might be the final straw.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

If you value work ethic and somebody who is good for their word, then you might take Benjamin off your board all together:

In deep WR class, Kelvin Benjamin's mistake could be others' gain -
This year, I've been told of numerous players with 10-15 meetings with teams. Florida State wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin apparently decided he'd had enough, electing to blow off a workout with an NFL coach who made "a special trip" to work him out, according to's Gil Brandt.

There are any number of legitimate reasons why Benjamin may have been unable to work out. For a player who admitted at the NFL combine, however, that he'd struggled with work ethic earlier in his career at Florida State, Thursday's news could come as a significant red flag. And given the tight rankings in this year's highly talented receiver class, that could mean trouble for Benjamin's draft stock.

For me this is a bigger issue than the problem he had with drops last season, and Rob Rang seems to agree. Rang makes a good point about the number of WRs in this year's draft who boast similar dimensions and skill sets. Allen Robinson or Donte Moncrief are solid targets at #60, meaning the Panthers can address another need if all of the WRs with first round grades are already selected. The Panthers do not need to reach for a WR in this draft. They certainly don't want one with a bad work ethic.

UPDATE: Benjamin's agent has denied the, um, 'allegation.'