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To Catch a Falling Star: The Finals

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In 2013 the Panthers caught a falling star in DT Star Lotulelei due to failed physical at the combine. This is the finale in a series to vote for this year's falling star. Which player from a multiple number of positions of need does the fanbase hope falls into our waiting arms at #28? Cast your vote in the poll.

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I've had four previous posts on the offensive tackle, wide receiver, cornerback and safety positions. I'm going to add a player from two other positions, TE & OLB where there is only one real prospect that would be considered to have fallen to #28. So here are your choices.

OT Cyrus Kouandjio - Kouandjio and his agent and now the renowned sports surgeon Dr. Andrews, who is the personal physical of the Crimson Tide, say his knee is fine. Of all the choices this guy's story is eerily similar to that of Star Lotulelei. given it was reported he failed some team physicals at the combine only to find those reports are now unsubstantiated.

WR Marquis Lee - Though Kelvin Benjamin got the most votes in the poll, I now find Lee as the best option of the WRs that would be called a falling star. Most are rating Benjamin as a late first, early 2nd round pick.

CB Jason Verrett - Verrett was the pick in the poll though I was very close to sticking Kyle Fuller in there. But this post isn't about what I think ;) Verrett has blazing speed and the athleticism to play CB in the NFL.

S HaSean Clinton-Dix - It would be a real shock if Dix slid that far as he is the longest of long shots on this list. But he would be hard to pass up if he was there.

TE Eric Ebron - Ebron had a disappointing Pro Day but will it be enough to warrant a slide on draft day? I wouldn't think so but stranger things have happened.

OLB Anthony Barr - Since there is no way Khalil Mack falls that far there is a slight chance Barr does. He's the only true 4-3 LB otherwise and would be a nice 3rd piece to the LB trifecta.

So there are your choices. It gets serious now. Which of the above players would you prefer to slide to #28? Those are your only choices, though I acknowledge there is no way they are all available at #28, but work with me here.

Cast your vote now!