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2014 NFL Free Agency: Panthers ink former Vikings QB/WR Joe Webb

An intriguing signing to say the least. Not likely to make any waves or take anyone's job, but he may find a place on this roster.

Per Adam Sessler of, the Panthers signed the former Vikings signal caller to provide competition at the QB position for backup Derek Anderson. According to Ian Rappoport, the Panthers "really like his skillset", and view Webb as a similar physical talent to Cam Newton. Webb played both wide receiver and quarterback for the Vikings, logging four starts under center and catching 6 passes for 42 yards. He also completed 88 of 152 passes for 3 scores and 5 interceptions.

This signing I find particularly interesting, because while Sessler/Rappoport are reporting that the Panthers signed him to be a signal caller, depending on how the draft/free agency goes he may find a spot on the roster as a wideout should the Panthers decide to roll with two quarterbacks. Webb provides a skillset similar to Cam Newton's,rushing 41 times for 273 yards and 4 TDs and posting a 6.7 yards per carry average. If Webb has the ability to polish himself a bit as a passer, he'd be a viable option to step in and run the natural offense should Cam Newton ever be injured for an extended period of time *throws salt over shoulder, knocks on wood*. I also find this signing to be particularly valuable because Webb has some experience as a wide receiver, so if the Panthers don't thoroughly fill out their receiving corps then Joe Webb could potentially be retained as a depth wide receiver with emergency quarterback capabilities. This signing also gives the Panthers the luxury of waiting on drafting a backup in this year's draft.

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