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To Catch a Falling Star: CB Edition

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Just as the Panthers benefited from the post-combine slide of DT Star Lotulelei might the same thing happen in 2014. This is the third is a series looking at which prospects within a position group might slide unexpectedly to the Panthers at #28.

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Previously we looked at Offensive Tackles and Wide Receivers. This week we look at CBs. Here's the most common top five CBs identified by the draft pundits and my thoughts on each and their chances of being available at #28:

Darqueze Dennard 5'11" 199 lbs - Dennard had a solid combine and secured his position as the top CB on most boards. The chances of him sliding to #28 are about slim to none but if he were there he would be hard to pass up.

Justin Gilbert 6'0" 205 lbs - Some think Gilbert is the top Cb in this draft and hence will also likely be long gone before the Panthers pick.

Now we start to get into the realm of possibility though in MTM's latest mock draft all five of these CB's are off the board before #28. I'm instead thinking one of these three guys will be there.

Jason Verrett 5'9" 189 lbs - The Panthers supposedly had a private meeting with Verrett after his Pro Day making the possibility at #28 even more intriguing. Verrett doesn't have the overall size that is popular in the NFL right now but he has everything else to be a good nickel CB.

Kyle Fuller 6'0" 190 lbs - My personal favorite, Fuller has both the size and the demeanor to play at a high level in the NFL. I also think there is a good chance he is there at #28.

Bradley Roby 5'11" 194 lbs - Roby has the speed and athletic ability to be a good CB in the league, he just has some rough edges to work on. I've seen a mock or two peg him to the Panthers.

Assuming the top 2 will be long gone what are your thoughts on the other three? Would you select any of the three or none of them? Which of the remaining three would you be less likely to select at #28? Take the poll to cast your vote.