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To Catch a Falling Star: WR Edition

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This is the second post in a series where I look at the Panthers potential to catch another 'falling star' in the NFL draft, similar to the slide and eventual drafting of Star Lotulelei by the Panthers in 2013. This installment I look at the WRs and which might be too good to pass up if they should fall to the Panthers at #28.

Stacy Revere

In the first installment I looked at OTs and the take away in my view was that outside of the top 2 OTs there was only one other tackle that a majority of Panthers fans would select at #28: Cyrus Kouandjio from Alabama. The other three OTs we looked at were decided to be either late 1st round prospects already or not worthy of #28, in our opinion anyway!

To Catch a Falling Star - OT Edition

This week we focus on the wide receivers, a position that has needed an infusion of young talent for some time now. Sitting at #28 it is very unlikely that the top players from any position will slide as far as #28 but stranger things have happened. Even so, I'm very confident that the top WR will be long gone.

Sammy Watkins (Clem) - Would love to have him but he's a top 5 or 10 pick at worst.

Mike Evans (TAMU) - Early on some were saying Evans might last into the 20's but no one is saying that anymore. If he runs a good 40 at the combine he's a top 10 or 15 lock. A slow time and he slips a little further but to #28? Still I'm going to include him in my poll since we are still pre-combine.

Marquis Lee (USC) - Lee is another exceptional talent that I've seen slip into the low 20's of mock drafts so there is a small chance he keeps sliding. My hope would be that teams see the draft is real deep at WR and therefore pass on the top names and wait to see who is there in the middle rounds. Wishful thinking in know.

Now it gets a little trickier as we are venturing into players who are slated as late 1st rounders.

Odell Beckham Jr (LSU) - Beckham has nice size and exceptional hands and might be the best route runner in the bunch. Some mocks have the Panthers selecting Beckham.

Kelvin Benjamin (FSU) - Another common mock draft pick for the Panthers, Benjamin appears to be the entire package of size and speed, though his game isn;t without it's detractors. He may be more of a project compared to the other players.

So there are the options, not take the poll to let me know what you think. Please remember the assumption with the poll is that consider 'If this was the only WR remaining of those listed, meaning the others had already been selected, would you select the remaining WR."

I also included options to pass on all four as well as if you would take any of the four if the other three were already gone. Clear as mud?